Academic Achievements

Laurels in Academics

University Position BA Eng Hons 1st Sem Dec 2019

2ND Position SONIKA
6th Position AYUSHI
8th Position ARTI
11th Position SONIA
13th Position ANCHAL
15th Position TANYA

University Position BA Eng Hons 3rd Sem Dec 2019

16th Position KOMAL
18th Position NIDHI

University Position BA Eng Hons 5th Sem Dec 2019

18th Position JYOTIKA
20th Position ANNU

University Position BA 3rd Sem Dec 2019

4th Position MANJU DEVI
7th Position HAPPY
9th Position RENU
11th Position SANJU
16th Position KIRTI
19th Position RITIKA

University Position BA 5th Sem Dec 2019

1st Position KUSUM
5th Position KOMAL
17th Position MEENU

University Position BCom 3rd Sem Dec 2019

15th Position JYOTI
18th Position AARTEE

University Position BCom Hons 1st Sem Dec 2019

3rd Position SIMRAN
6th Position TANIYA
11th Position NEERU

University Position BSC Sports 1st Sem Dec 2019

1st Position JYOTI DAHIYA
2nd Position ANKITA
6th Position SAKSHI
8th Position ANNU
9th Position NEHA
10th Position SEEMA
11th Position NISHU
12th Position SAVITA
12th Position SHABNAM
12th Position TANNU
13th Position RITU RAJ
15th Position TANU
17th Position RUCHIKA
19th Position BHARTI SAROHA

University Position BSc Sports 3rd Sem Dec 2019

7th Position JYOTI
9th Position ANTIM
9th Position LALITA
10th Position MAHIMA
12th Position MANISHA
16th Position NEHA
17th Position KRISHNA
19th Position BHAWNA
20th Position NISHA

University Position May 2019 Department of Commerce

Students of Department of Commerce of Tika ram Girls College has made their position in MDU Merit List. Riya got 33rd position and Monika got 48th position in MCom 2nd Sem.Kajal of BCom pass 2nd Sem got 42nd, Jyoti got 46th and Priya got 467th position.
Ruchi of BCOM Hons 4th Sem got 16th, Princi got 25th, Sarita got 26th, and Ritu got 33rd position. Kirti of BCom Hons 6th Sem got 28th position. Principal Dr (Mrs) Monika Verma and all the teachers of Commerce department congratulated all the students and wished them for their bright future.

University Position of Diploma in Yoga May 2019

In Diploma in Yoga Anu got 1st position, Nisha got 2nd, Seema got 3rd, Kiran got 4th, Renu got 8th and Sulekha got 10th position in merit list of MDU.

University Position of B.P.Ed May 2019

Sangeeta got 1st position in the merit list of B.P.Ed. 1st year.
Ambadi S. Nayar got 2nd, Jyoti got 3rd, Shikha got 8th, Sonam and Anjali got 10th, Renu got 11th and Monika got 15th position in the merit list of University.

University position of May 2019

Komal student of MA English final year got 1st position in 4th sem and Aarti go 3rd position
Sonia student of BA Eng Hons also get 1st position.
Total 13 Students got position in merit list of MDU

University Position of BA English Hons May 2019

Nidhi student of BA English Hons got 2nd position in 2nd sem and with her 14 students got position in merit list of MDU(May 2019)

University Position of MA Hindi May 2019

Alka got 1st position
And 13 students also get position in merit list of MDU

University Position of MA Psychology 4nd Semester May 2019

Himanshi got 5th position
Indu got 6th position
1 Shaili got 8th position
Renu got 9th position

University position of MA Psychology 2nd Semester May 2019

Shivani got 1st Position
Supriya got 5th Position
Kavita got 6th Position
Kiran got 7th Position
Annu got 8th Position
Priya got 9th Position

University Positons of M.Sc Computer Science, May 2019

MSc 2nd Semester
Nisha got 15th position
Mamta got 16th position
Savita got 18th position
Kirti got 27th position
MSc 4th Semester
Sween got 3rd position
Nivedita got 36th position
Pooja got 38th position
Sweety got 41th position

University Positons in B.Sc. Sports

In B.Sc Sports Jyoti and Antim got 5th position in merit list MDU. Lalita got 7th, Manisha got 9th and Mahina got 10th position.

University position of MSc Computer Science December 2018

Msc 1st sem
Mamta got 8th position
Nisha got 12th position
Sweety got 17th position
Savita got 22nd position
Kirti got 29th position
Tamanna got 31st position
Sonali got 36th position
Monika got 39th position
Sheetal got 40th position
Shweta got 43rd position
Komal got 43rd position
Pinki got 44th position
Banita got 47th position
Rashmi got 47th position
Msc 3rd Sem
Sween got 4th position
Pooja got 35th position
Nivedita got 38th position
Sweety got 42nd position
Rimple got 46th position
Sakshi got 49th position
Pooja got 50th position
Anjali got 50th position
Neha got 50th position

University Positions in M.A. Hindi

Alka got 2nd, Mukesh got 9th, Himashi got 18th position in University

University Positions in M. Com 3rd Semester

Sonia got 13th, Nidhi and Varsha got 45th, Meena and Shumika got 49th, and Chanchal got 50th position in University

University Positions in B.A.

Merit list of BA 1st Sem
Komal got 1st position, Kusum got 3rd position, Manju got 10th position, Sanju got 15th position, Jyoti got 25th position

Merit list of BA 3rd Sem
Bharti got 14 position, Renu got 22nd position, Ritu got 23rd position, Aarti got 26th position

Merit list of 5th Semester
Reena got 5th position, Preeti got 8th position, Pratibha and Veshali got 15th position, Meenu got 20th position, Aarti got 21st position, Sarita got 23rd position

University Positions in M.A. Pol Science

Aarti MA (Pol. Sci.) 1st Sem, got 2nd position. Neetu got 5th and Shivani got 9th position.

University Positions in M.A. English

MDU have released MA English merit list of 2nd and 4th semester, in which 7 students have secured the positions.

University Positions in M.A. Hindi

Result of MA Hindi 2nd n 4th semester was declared by MDU, 24 students of the college got positions in the merit list.

University Positions in B.A.

The students of Tika Ram Girls College got position in the merit list of MDU. In 1st, 3rd and 5th sem of BA, the students got positions. In BA 1st semKomal got 2nd, Kusum got 6th position. In 3rd sem Meenu and Reena got 13th position. In 1st sem Megha got 32nd, Monika got 35th, Ritu got 37th, Anjali, Reenu and Anu got 49th & Usha got 50th position. In 3rd sem Sarita got 20th , Aarti got 24th, Neelam got 26th, Pratibha got 38th position. in BA 5th sem Aarti got 20th, Minakshi got 47th & Anu Kadian got 49th position.

University Positions in B.Sc and M.Sc

In BSC and MSC 1st, 3rd and 5th sem the students of Tika Ram College got positions . In MSc Maths 1st sem Pooja got 14th and Rimpi got 14th Position. in 3rd sem Sakshi got 41st position. In BSc 1st sem Sakshi got 31st position. In Bsc 3rd Sem Sujata got 6th, Anjali got 39th, Sonam got 40th, Deepika got 45th position. In BSc 5th sem Aarti got 29th, Rubi got 49th position. President Sh Surender Singh Dahiya Principal Dr Monika Verma and other Staff members congratulated all of them on their success.

University Positions in Commerce

The students of BCom, BCom(H) and MCom got positions in the merit list of University. In BCom (H) 1st Sem Ruchi got 8th, Princi and Sarita got 22nd position. In 2nd Sem Ritu and Pinki got 15th, Kirti got 16th, Sonam got 44th, and Priyanka got 47th position. In MCom 2nd sem Deepika got 37th position. Principal Dr Monika Verma congratulated students on their success.

University Positions in MA History

The 16 students of MA History got place in the merit list of MDu. In 1st Sem Midhi got 7th, Pooja got 14th, Ritu and Nikki got 30th, Meenu got 37th, Deepika got 41st position. In 3rd Sem Shalu got 14th, Neetu got 20th, Renu got 22nd, Preeti got 23rd, Preeti Rani got 26th, Mamta got 31st, and Kiran got 39th position.

University Positions in BCA

Once again 6 students of BCA 3rd and 5th sem got place in the list of MAharishi Dayanand University. Ritu got 5th while deksha got 6th position in BCA 3rd Sem. in 5th sem Mamta got 16th position. On this occassion President Sh Surender Singh Dahiya, Principal Dr Monika Verma & staff members Arveen, Reena, Pooja, Preeti & Annu congratulated the students.

University Positions Msc Computer Science

Once again the Students og Tika ram Girls College proved themselves by getting positions in the 1st & 3rd Semester of MSc Computer Science. In 1st Sem, Sween got 9th, Sunil got 38th, Nivedita got 44th & Anjali got 47th Position. In 3rd Sem, Seema got 12th, Priya got 14th, Komal got 22nd, BImla got 45th & Ritu got 46th Position. President Sh Surender Singh Dahiya & Principal Dr Monika Verma congratulated the girls and inspired them to continue their performance.

University Positions in MA Geography

Merit List of MA Geography was released by MDU in which 15 students of Tika Ram Girls College got Positions. Amita got 8th, Pooja & Sakshi got 20th, Meenakshi got 24th, Renu got 25th, Sheetla got 26th, Swati got 31st, Kiran bala got 34th, Sonam & Pooja got42nd and Anjali got 46th Position. President Sh Surender Singh Dahiya and Principal Dr Monika Verma congratulated the students & wished for their bright future.

University Positions in BA English Honours

The students of BA English Hons brought laurels to the college. Anshu 5th Sem got 1st position in the university. In 5th sem, Astha got 4th, Anshu and Rashika 5th, Neetu got 7th, Niharika &Shweta got 10th, Lvleen got 12th, Pooja got 17th, Anjali got 20th, Himanshi got 21st, Radhika got 23rd, Nidhi got 25th, Vasha got 31st & Shrishti got 34th position. In 3rd sem Dimple got 12th, Pratibha got 12th, Mannu got 16th, Annu got 20th, Minakshi got 21st, Mahima got 32nd, & Garima got 44th position. In 1st Sem Jyotika got 8th, Sarita got 13th, Annu got 16th, Chelsia got 24th, Jyoti got 26th, Pratibha got 29th, Nidhi got 30th, Asha got 32nd & Komal got 34th position in the university merit list.

BPEd University Topper

The BPed Students of Tika Ram Girls College Brought laurels to the college by getting 38 positions in the merrit list of MDU. President Sh Surender Singh Dahiya and Principal Dr. Monika Verma congratulated the students on their success. 21 students of BPEd 1st Sem and 17 students of BPEd 3rd sem get place in the merit list.
In BPEd 1st Sem Ritu got first position, Sweeti got 2nd, Nancy got 3rd, Reena got 5th, Karishma got 6th, Nikki got 7th, Nikita and Ekta got 10th, Nidhi got 11th, Sonia and Anjali got 12th, Jyoti got 13th, Nancy got 16th, Rimpi got 17th, Pooja got 21st, Anjali & SUdesh got 23rd, Meenu got 24th, Neelam got 28th, Kamini got 29th and Manju got 30th Position.
In 3rd sem of BPEd Savita got 1st, Rekha got 2nd, Bharti got 3rd, Asha & Komal got 4th, Preeti got 5th, Kajal got 7th, Bharti got 10th, Samiksha got 11th, Nisha got 12th, Varsha got 13th, Kamlesh got 14th, Preeti got 17th, Neha got 19th, Maniha got 21st and Neha got 26th position.

MA Pol Science University Topper

The students of MA Pol Sci brought laurels to Tika Ram Girls College by getting 1st, 2nd and 3rd Position in the merit list of MDU. Priyanka got 1st Position, Sakshi got 2nd position, Preeti got 3rd, Bindu got 4th, Riturani got 5th, Kavita and Kiran got 7th, Rekha got 8th, Preeti got 9th, Monika got 10th, Rinki got 14th, Nidhi got 16th, Savita and Shalu got 17th, Sonia got 20th, Poonam got 25th, Ritu got 28th, Babita got 29th, Komal got 34th, Mohini got 35th, Meenu Sharma got 42nd, Jyoti got 45th, and Pooja got 50th position in MA 2nd Sem
In 3rd Sem Priyanka got 7th, Preeti got 13th, Preeti got 16th, Ritu rani and Bindu got 22nd, Sakshi Kadian got 23rs, Poonam got 28th, Rekha got 29th, Diksha got 31st, Manisha got 33rd, Monika got 37th, Shalu got 41st, Kiran and Pinki got 42nd, Nidhi got 43rd position.
In 1st sem Priyanka got 15th, Pooja got 17th, Aarti got 18th, Neelam got 20th, Bhavna got 24th, Dimple got 27th, Asha got 27th, Anjali got 35th, and Preeti got 37th, Priyanka and Pooja got 40th, Neetu got 44th position. President Sh Surender Sigh Dhiya, and Principal Dr Monika Verma congratulated the student on their success.

Meritorious Students MSc Physics

Msc Physics
1st semester
Kirti got 5th position
Sonai got 19th position
Ravina got 19th position
Sonai got 38th position

Meritorious Students MSc Chemistry

Msc Chemistry
Yogita got 37st position in 1st seen
Annu got 10th position in 1st n 2nd seen
Annu got 4th position in 3rd seen

Meritorious Students MA English

The result of MA Eng 1st and 3rd Semester was declared by MDU in which Komal(1st Sem) got 1st Position and Aarti got 3rd position. Eight students of Tika Ram Girls College got position in the merit list of University. President of Tika Ram Education Society Sh Surender Sight Dahiya and Principal Dr Monika Verma congratulated the students on their the 1st Sem Anjali and Pooja got 4th position, Madhu got 34th and Shweta got 41st Position in merrit list. in 3rd Sem Nakisha got 18th, Malika got 29th & Subhdra got 46th position.